WILDMOKA is a French company based in Sophia Antipolis, which develops technologies that reinvent the interaction between audiovisual content and their users. Its platform turns in real-time any video source into an enriched, navigable, interactive and social content.
Wildmoka provides users with innovative multi-screen applications experiences, addressing new usages. It offers new market opportunities for content creators in terms of audience and monetization.

A great mix of mobile and infrastructure
Wildmoka was created by two skilled and experienced engineers with 12 years of common experience in a startup and large companies, having been through good times and tough times, but with one idea in mind: build something from the ground and lead it to the edge!
The team gathers a very strong expertise in both mobile platforms and large scale infrastructure, gained through:

  • 8 years leading OpenPlug‘s R&D, a French hi-tech company building mobile solutions for mobile phone makers and mobile app developers
  • 4 years leading Alcatel-Lucent Sophia Antipolis site, and building infrastructures for telco operator – for example an ultra-scalable, ultra-available web API exposure gateway called APIGrove, built from ground up.
Thomas Menguy - Co-Founder As Wildmoka co-founder, the NexGenTv project is a great opportunity to combine academic work and industrialisation to be able to move the needle of the whole TV and digital video industry. I’ve personally looked for years to work closely with top tier research labs as Eurecom and Irisa alongside a video industry leader like Envivio and an integration powerhouse as Avisto.