IRISA (Institute for Research in IT and Random Systems), founded in 1975, is a CNRS mixed research centre for IT, image and signal processing, and robotics. IRISA sits astride where these sectors meet as Brittany’s major research laboratory with a consolidated presence on campuses in Rennes (35), Vannes (56), Lannion (22), and Brest (29).
750 people, 41 teams, 7 departments (Large Scale Systems/Networks, telecommunications and services/Language and software engineering/Digital signals and imaging, robotics/Media and communications/Data and knowledge management) explore the world of digital sciences to find applications in healthcare, the environment, transportation, multimedia, and industry...
With 7 trustees (CNRS, ENS Rennes, Inria, INSA de Rennes, Institut-Mines-Télécom, Université de Bretagne Sud (UBS), Université de Rennes 1) and one partner (Supélec), IRISA forms a research cluster for excellence within the domain of ICT.

The seminal idea of LinkMedia is that of content-based media linking with the ultimate goal of enabling better multimedia applications and new innovative services. Taking a content-based perspective, we seek to create explicit links at different levels to better reflect the context: links at the signal level, e.g., with repeating patterns; links at a semantic level, e.g., to follow topics or stories; links at a paradigmatic level, e.g., to have further details or comments on a topic.
Addressing such topics, our goal is to lay down scientific foundations for collection structuring by means of explicit links and to study new usages and content processing techniques induced by structured context-aware collections.
Pursuing the global objective of linked media collections, LinkMedia seeks to develop methodological, technological and scientific foundations to create, describe and exploit explicit links within multimedia collections on a large scale.

Vincent Claveau - Researcher "Vincent Claveau is a damn fine person. Well, he sometimes gets a little nervous when having to say 'Vapnik-Chervonenkis dimensions', but hey, who wouldn't! To be honest, I've never understood what are his research topics. It's all about strange terms: NLP, IR, ML, 'information extraction', 'opinion mining'... Does that make any sense to you? Whatever, I'm not here to judge what people do for a living, and he seems delighted to join NexGenTV. That's what matters, no?"
Guillaume Gravier - Researcher I'm a specialist of speech, language and audio analysis in multimedia content. I fancy applications on the general theme of media analytics, i.e., providing fancy technology for people to explore media content and gain insight on subjects they are interested in. NextGen-TV is a clear instanciation of such app!